Norton Colorado Swag

The club periodically produces several items that you can purchase: denim long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, hats, shop-rags, stickers, and a calendar. They are described below and the current inventory levels can be checked here. To order these treasures, contact the Swag Boss.


Each month of the Norton Colorado Calendar features a photo of a Norton belonging to one of our members, and sometimes the member is in the photo too. Sometimes we arrange for attractive young people to pose instead of our more disreputable-looking members. The datebook portion includes all official Norton Colorado events and the dates of a carefully chosen selection of obscure historical and cultural events. The calendar follows our club year of February through January. It is printed in full color on good quality stock and spiral bound. The price is usually $15 for club members ($20 for non-members) if you arrange to pick it up directly from the Swag Boss. For mailing costs, bulk discounts, etc., contact the Swag Boss. 2010 Calendars are now available. We also have some calendars that do not include the 2010 ride schedule, at a reduced price.

Here is a low-resolution version of the 2007 calendar in PDF format (1 MB), so you can see approximately what you'd be getting, and here is the last page with credits (60 KB). If you're so poor that you can't afford to buy the beautifully printed one from us, and you want to print a copy out from these files on your crummy little ink-jet printer and hang it in the kitchen of your mobile home to enhance the decor, by all means do so, with sincere wishes from Norton Colorado that that next lottery ticket is the Good One!

Long Sleeved Denim Shirts

In 2007, Norton Colorado commissioned a long-sleeve blue denim shirt with our logo embroidered on the breast. We've tried it on a wide range of Norton Colorado members and it looks great on everyone! Here's a photo of the shirt and here it is being modeled by Mark Liu. The cost is $25 if you arrange to pick it up directly from the Swag Boss, or you can have one or more mailed to you with P&H determined by contacting the Swag Boss.


For 2010 our t-shirt design features Man of the Year, Ernie Fitzgerald on the back and the club logo on the front pocket. We have normal manly tees and specially-cut ones for the ladies. Colors for men's shirts are grey and maroon. Ladies' cut tees are in light blue. The front and back designs of the t-shirts are shown by Susan Saarinen. We are able to take orders for single tees in any size and color, men's or ladies' cut. Contact the Swag Boss.

We still have a couple of our 2009 tees, in grey.


We now have baseball caps with the Norton Colorado logo on them, in black and tan. They are $15. Here's Bob Ohman, proudly displaying a tan one.

Shop Rags

High-quality red shop rags with the Norton Colorado logo and the stirring motto: "When the wife's blouse just won't do". $2


The famous and visually distinctive Norton Colorado logo with a sticky back so you can attach it to all sorts of ugly things to make them look better. $1


A high quality patch version of the Norton Colorado logo. Put one on each elbow of your favorite drinking-jacket to maintain a secure grip on the bar! $10

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