Dave & Robin Webster

Dave and Robin moved to Denver in 1997 from their permanent home on Maui, mainly so their daughters Cheyni and Michelle could attend better schools, but also to do some skiing and be close to Robin's parents. It would take a book to document all the forms their motorcycle mania has taken over the years. Dave's pride and joy is the monocoque Commando he built from stolen street signs. Robin's is her Dunstall Dominator, which stayed in Hawaii. She usually rides a Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1 on club functions. We almost lost Dave in 2002 to a heart attack while we were on a ride near Gunnison, but he bounced back from triple bypass surgery and was riding again with the club in 2 months. Dave served the club as President until leaving to return to Hawaii in 2003. Dave and Robin remain members of the club and welcome visits to their Maui home. Paul David and Susan Mandell were the first to take them up on it, other visitors include Ernie Fitzgerald, Richard Florence, Matt Baroody, and Eric Bergman You can reach Dave and Robin by e-mail. This photo was taken on the Moto Giro d'Italia in 2003, at the north end of Lago de Garda.

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