Eric Bergman

Eric joined the club in 1995 and has been the newsletter editor since 1997 (but recently turned that job over to the estimable Bob Herman) and remains the webmaster of these pages. He won the President's Award for 2009 and was elected as President of Norton Colorado in 2010. He first became involved in Nortons in 1971 while living in Germany, when he bought a new Commando from Paul Dunstall's shop in England. Like many others, Eric had a "dark ages" without motorcycles, but has been heavily involved again since 1994. He works as a research seismologist (earthquakes, not oil). Besides his primary Norton, a modified 1972 Commando in Fastback attire, Eric rides Italian: Laverdas, Moto Morinis and a Moto Guzzi. There is a simple website about some of Eric's motorcycle interests here.

Contact: (303) 278-7445 or

In the first photo below, Eric is shown below at a Winter Banquet. He's shown with his Commando in the second, at a recent Tech Day at Bob Martin's house.

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