Jim and Jacalyn Colt

We first met Jim on some club rides, tagging along with Ron Pierce on a plain-jane Kawasaki. He now rides a hotrod Suzuki Bandit 1200 (or a KTM 950 or a Honda VTR) that is way too fast for a man of his advanced age. He does not seem inclined to get a Norton but likes our company. Lucky for us! Jim runs a high-tech printing shop in Boulder and is the Patron of the club, printing and mailing our newsletter gratis and also arranging for our other printing needs, such as the club calendar and business cards.

In the first photo below Jim is seen with a pair of hostesses at one of our local Hooters franchises, on the infamous "Hooters Tour" that Jim organized for the club, in which we visited four different branches in one day. It turned out to be one of the hottest (I'm talking about outdoors now) rides we've ever taken. In the second photo Jim and Jackie are seen at a Winter Banquet, a much cooler event.

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