Martin White

Marti came to us through Doug McCadam, who was formerly married to Martin's mother. It's a complex story:

I attended my first "Norton club" meetings back in the mid to late '80s with Rick Black, Rolf Norstog, Doug and Frank Albert (who back then as my life insurance guy, still is kinda) at the old meeting place, a chinese restaurant over by Harlan Street. Beau Pacheco of Motorcyclist was a guest speaker one time! Many good times back then but I was only riding my bikes and occasionally Doug's Nortons. When my mother married Doug he had six bikes and we moved four of mine out from our home in New Hampshire to Vail. My Norton project started in a storage unit in Minturn, where Doug and Matt were getting ready to develop the idea of CNW. At that time they were working on cars and bikes to escape their wives! Oh well I digress… Long story short, my bike CNW 005 was a work in progress from just before Doug and mom's divorce until a few years afterwards. It was a way for Doug and I to communicate and get together during what was a very difficult time. Many stepsons might have taken sides, but Doug and I have this other bond—motorcycles! I finally got my bike back after my own divorce in 1999. I went down to Doug and Pam's old place in Dolores to pick it up with a girlfriend and have been very intermittent with the "new club" since then, but I always enjoy the company!

Marti's a fanatic for trials riding and fast enduro riding and keeps trying to convince the stiff old farts of the club to go out and kill themselves trying to keep up with him on the trails.

Here he is at one of the Tech Days we hold at Bob Martin's house.

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